Simple helicoidal

Pictures of different versions

Builder Frequency Link Description
on6jc Photos Computer generated images of the antenna
on6jc Photos More computer images explaining the template-built QFH
on6jc 137 MHz Photos 1 Images of the coax cable version of the antenna
on6jc 137 MHz Photos 2 Images of the copper tubing version of the antenna
Ivan 137 MHz Ivan Images of Ivan's version
on7eq 144 MHz ON7EQ, 2m Images of the copper tubing version of ON7EQ
on7eq 435 MHz ON7EQ, 70cm Images of UHF copper tubing version of ON7EQ
Balthazar 137 MHz Balthazar Images of Balthazar's version
g3lmo 137 MHz Nev G3LMO Nev's version of the antenna, with an separate balun.
Ekkehard 137 MHz Antena DNA Portable construction from Ekkehard
Vaisala 1575 MHz Vaisala GPS The Vaisala beacon's GPS front-end uses a QFH too, at 1700 MHz


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