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    Helicoidal simple

Nev, G3LMO's version


It might LOOK strange.......But does it EVER receive good pictures.

Made out of 5 mtrs of 8mm microbore central heating copper pipe.....8 X 90deg 8mm elbows......5 amp mains junction box (at top).......a length of 40mm waste water pipe, with one "stop end cap" (to bolt the 5 amp junction box at the top to). Feed coaxial cable feeds inside the mast.

One "loop" is slightly long at resonent frequency (137.5 MHz) and is therefore "inductive".....and one slightly shorter than resonent frequency, and therefore "capacitive".

Not every easy to take a picture of.......but the cross elements at top and bottom ensure signal is not lost if satellite passes directly overhead.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All copper has been painted matt black so that I can tell the neighbours that it is a BIRD RESTING PLACE. Then they will think that I am a great guy to have as a neighbour (instead of complaining to the Parish Council).

Nev, G3LMO nevcooper@g3lmo.com

a.k.a. Camouflage antenna

Look here - a day without rain in Great Britain
and almost no clouds.

Nev's solution for the connections - I've never seen a connection box this small (around 60mm diameter). Nev tells me it fits the drainage pipe vertical tube, and it looks very solid!

(c) John Coppens ON6JC/LW3HAZ correo