DNA Antenna






    Simple helicoidal

Pictures of Ekkehard camping version

A first view of the antenna.

A clearer view against the sky.
The antenna in use at the camp site

One of the first images received.

Why DNA?

DNA structure (see Wikipedia)
I thought the antenna looked a somewhat like a DNA strand, though this antenna is a double helix... and commented this to Ekkehard by mail:

    Ekkehard> And here are a few pictures of the portable-QFH-Antenna:

    John>I suggest we call your version of the antenna the DNA-antenna 
      instead of QFH ;-)

    Ekkehard> DNA-antenna instead of QFH  - great !!

      It took a little time in my head to understand what you mean.
      But after a few minutes (why DNA ? What did he mean ? My call 
      is DB1SEB or from behind BES1BD an my name is Ekkehard or ...)

      A look to the antenna open my eyes ! Click - i understand.

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