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Nathan's restauration project

Not only from-the-ground-up construction projects are interesting! Nathan wrote to ask me some questions, and these questions are not unique. I've received several of them in other mails, so the following may be of help to others too! (Nathan also promised to send more pictures as the project evolves...)

He also asked:

If you can tell me what this is I'd appreciate it, the man selling it said it was an Indian canoe?

Nathan can be contacted by e-mail at nmhpt[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk.

Before the work started

This canoe is 14 foot long! So I didn?t yet manage to get it all in one shot! But I will try that another day?It needs TLC, and I?m prepared to get her ship shape and get all that wood revarnished and clean!
The only decal I could find was the below one. I've now had a closer look inside to see if I can find a makers label or something, though saw none, however, on the side of the boat, I can see a name has been painted over, it looks like it says: 'Cong MK 11' but really cant be sure about that till I get the paint off. Looking at the wood, can we agree that is just a ply?
Next pic is another side view
Now here's the reason I'm thinking to fibreglass the entire hull, see the damage shots below:
The image below shows what was 'under' a previous fibreglass repair. The repair shows that small pieces of ply have also been screwed inside the hull, obviously to give it some more strength.

Looking closer here you can see the joins of the hull panels? I'm no woodworker, and wouldn't know how to begin to remove the panels, so, unless that's an easy job and someone here can tell me then fibreglass it must be...

This hull also has various other fibreglass repairs, about 3 in various places, and all about the same sort of size! So I should imagine it will be best to do the entire hull at once..
Ok now a look inside the cockpit, maybe you can notice the design type?
Another view of the cockpit
Internal construction next...
Internal construction
Inside the Hull next
I don't see any ribs above, is that normal for ply boats? Supports under the cockpit.
I imagine quite simply the next pics are easily recognised by those in the know, the first is an aluminium rudder, which does see to fit at the rear of the boat, as I see an attachment for it. However, the 'rudder' has two long wires so I assume that these wires are to be pulled in the direction of desired travel. Now why would a canoe need a rudder?
This next pic shows the fitting for the above rudder... notice how they would fit together?
Mystery object... to me anyway. Now this came with the boat, stuffed in the hull... what is it? There is another long piece of wood, like a flat pole, that could attach to the image, and the entire top of the contraption below does revolve freely...
Now this looks like a big old rudder too, is it a rudder? Maybe its not for this boat as I cant see where it will go...
Another shot of this 'thing' in the closed position. What could it be for?
And finally... the only seat to come with the canoe, maybe its original, maybe not, but if you can tell me how on earth the 'seats' get fitted, then please do... As I see nowhere to support them in the cockpits, See the cockpit pics above once again, and then let me know if this seat is the correct one. If it is, I will make another just like it, if not... give me some tips please!
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