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Another 'Guillemot', built by Davide Boschi in Italy

Davide sent me a description of his work a long time ago, in .doc-format. I personally dislike Windooze-centered formats, so I took the liberty of converting it to a slightly more compact and more portable PDF version. The pictures below are taken from this document.

The final result!

Before trusting the plans, let's make a paper model... (I did exactly the same thing - John)
The finished model.

Shows Davide's method to obtain nice curves.
The bow fits perfectly...

Not so good at the stern.
Making the deck. Who said this was an easy project?

Fitting the deck.
Measuring the angle between deck and sides, to cut...

these reinforcements.
Lower part, almost ready...

More reinforcements.
Car mounts - a subject not mentioned frequently but also very important!

Fixation to the roof strips.
Davide - the proud constructor.

Detail of the cockpit.
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