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Guillemot S&G, built bu Hernani Moreira - Portugal

Hernani sent a short history of his nautical constructions and a couple of pictures of his creations - very nicely finished!

The first nautical construction - a canoa.

And the, the Guillemot S&G.
Trying out the kayak.

Side view.
And, a front view.

From Hernani: (The translation is mine - John)

Hi. I just wanted to intruduce me to the site with a small presentation. So, I am a older portuguese citizen, and I've worked in Venezuela in the 80s, and now I'm retired. I'm 60 and have spare time, I like to work with wood, and I've dedicated myself to that radically. I always liked nautical sports but never had time to for them. Navigating the net, I found a site called Club Acal in Uruguay, made contact with the author who taught how to construct a canadian canoa, and decided to build it. The sparked my curiosity and I wanted to obtain plans for a kayak, and landed on the pages of John Coppens. I made a couple of modifications and the project appeared. There were no major problems. Care should be taken to construct the joints of the wood strips. I didn't use talcum powder, but mixed in a bit of glass fibers, and the result was ok. I also modified the cockpit design a little, but the result was not entirely satisfying. It's still slightly uncomfortable and the front part resulted too low and is somewhat in the way of the knees.

    The materials used:

    Marine plywood of  4 mm
    Polyester resin for nautical use.
    Glass fiber of 300gr/m2
    Nautical paint Titan (polyester), two components.
    UV-resistan nautical paint Titan.
The plans, as said before, were of the modified S&G Guillemot. First I drew the plans on corrugated carton and made the changes I wanted. This was a cheap solution, and the material was readily available. I've navigated on the Buero river, which is one of the most important in Portugal, and on the Tua river, an affluent of the Buero. I am now looking forward to try the kayak at sea, for which I haven't had an opportunity. But, with the stability I've experienced, I'm sure I won't have any problems at sea.

I've attached photos of the canoa.

Un saludo



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