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Other experiences with kayak construction

Construction of a kayak has many aspects where available materials, available tools, construction space, experience, and, last but not least, personal taste, can have a marked influence.

I found that seeing (and reading) other people's experiences is an invaluable source of information and ideas. So, when I received a few reports about other people who built kayaks (either the same model or not - but at least somehow influenced by my pages), I decided to ask them for pictures.

If the 'owner' of the pictures has a webpage, I've included the link. I will not publish their e-mail addresses, but if someone wants to contact them, I'll gladly put them in touch with you.

Olegario Vico Olegario Vico sent me a couple of pictures of the construction process (almost finished) and the final result.
Marcelo Lopez Marcelo finished the construction of his S&G Guillemot, in the clubhouse of the La Plata Radioclub.
Hernani Moreira Hernani recently started his nautical construction 'career' and silently built a beautiful canoa and (to me, at least) and even nicer S&G Guillemot.
Joan Olaria Joan decided to build another model - he bought a set of plans at Chesapeake Light Craft. He did have some problems with these people when he later ordered a paddle and other materials. Only after extensive e-mailing did they recognize the problem and repeated the shipment.
Anyway - the pictures, and, of course the kayak are excellent!
Graeme McArthur Graeme built the Guillermot kayak from the pages of Nick Schade, and with some help of the information on these pages. He added a rudder, and added quite a few comments to the pictures he sent.
Davide Boschi Another approach to building Nick Schade's Guillemot: Davide Boschi in Italy built the kayak from the bottom up (instead of building two halves, as I did). This does require a few changes in the building techniques, as can be seen in the pictures!
Jaroslaw Niewiadomski Jarek took the bold step of modifying the design of the kayak, adapting it to his taste. This is not easy! He couldn't wait to test the boat and went to the water without the hatches.
Jorge Fabian Aguirre Jorge contacted me last August ('07) with a couple of questions on techniques, and today told be he had christened his creation!
Andrés Carena Andres sent me couple of pictures of the construction and test 'drive' of his Guillemot S&G from Mallorca.
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