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Available equipment

To be able to prepare for the next flight, we'd like to know which are the most popular configuration of modems and equipment, and which are the most popular programs in use.

As this payload will transmit alternately images and telemetry data this represents a challenge! We're trying to find a way to enable most people to enjoy both transmissions equally.

NOTE: I've added the e-mail address to the form. There's no obligation to fill it in, but if you want a reply to your comments, I'll need it!

Some questions...

Your call:
e-mail address:
Your preferred method:
Packet radio
Are you active in packet radio?
What equipment do you use? Intelligent modem (TNC)

Baycom type modem

PC Sound card
SSTV (Slow Scan Television
Are you active in SSTV?
What equipment do you use for SSTV? PC Sound card

741-type modem (comparator)?
Which SSTV do you use most frequently?
MixW text

The VHF antenna you'll be using:
Will you be in the range of the 147.18 repeater?
(Pampa de Achala, Córdoba)
Are you active in the HF bands? 40 meters

80 meters
Can you access to Internet chat during flight? MSN



Is your internet browser enabled for Macromedia Flash

Java (not Javascript)
Comments and suggestions:
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