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cbrPager-Maemo: a simple comic book pager for Maemo

The description below (and, of coursee, the port of cbrPager to Maemo) were done by Benoit Goudreault-Emond (bge), but it seems he's so shy he forgot to put is name in the text... There's also a lively forum on this matter. (note from 'John')

This is a port of cbrPager to the Maemo platform. The Maemo platform is a lightweight version of Linux that runs on Nokia's Internet Tablet devices (Nokia N800 and N810; see http://web.nseries.com/products/n810/). Using this port, you can read comic book archives on your Internet Tablet. Given the insanely high pixel density of the screen of those devices (225 dpi!), reading comic books or Japanese mangas on them without scrolling too much is possible if you have good eyes.

In addition to the porting work, efforts were made to provide a "tablet friendly" interface. You can use the hardware keys for different operations (up/down changes page, zoom in/out and fullscreen work as expected), and you can scroll the page using your pen or finger. Like the built-in PDF reader, while in full-screen mode, clicking to the left or right of the screen will change pages. Finally, for more comfortable reading of "narrow page" material (such as Japanese mangas), you can rotate pages, and there is a selectable preference to tell cbrPager to rotate the page automatically if it's taller than wide.

Compared to comic book readers already ported to the tablet (Comix, evince), cbrPager is much more lightweight and barely requires any disk space (barely 100 KB), making it ideal for the Maemo environment.


Shows the Hildon menu

Shows fit to screen, rotated, fullscreen

A better shot of the hildon menu

Shows the go to page feature

Shows the navigation arrows (this is quite familiar to maemo users, the PDF reader has arrows like this).
You'll have to forgive the ugly hash made of the toolbar; it's not my fault, Maemo does it like that. :-| 9835
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